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* September 11, 1975
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biography Andre Bargmann’s (born in 75 ) musical way starts in his early childhood. He begins his education on small marimbas, which focusses rhythm and melody at the same time. Then he plays in the local marching-band, first at the piccolo-flute and later on the snare-drum, so he gets in touch with rudimental – drumming the first time.

The next step, playing the complete drumset, is close and so at the age of seven Andre plays the first time with the band of his older cousin. Own bands follow soon – he does not only play drums, but also guitar, bass or keyboards. This experience helps today for a better understanding of the role of drums in the band context. At the same time, he is interested in the drumset as a solo-instrument, so he accompanies theater-pieces and silent movies as well as he plays in a drums & percussion duo. Andre also composes music for movies and works as a freelancer for the well known german drum journal „drums & percussion“.

In `99 he starts studiing at the Düsseldorf “Drummers Institute” which is „...one of the finest schools in Europe.“ (Modern Drummer). There, Andre participates in the intensive full time program. The director Jan Rohlfing says in the certificate, that Andre has „...a creative disposition far over the usual way of drumming“. December 2000 he takes part at the „Percussion Creativ Teacher Days“ at the bavarian music academey in Hammelburg. Working as a technician, he toured with many artists (see below) throughout Europe and also at Drummers Institute he takes care of the equipment. Meanwhile he also tought there in concerns of equipment.

With „Jo Hartmann“ Andre releases the longplayer „Wieder da“ (“Back again”). He endorses Tosco-cymbals, kte-hardware and microphones and is also involved in the development of these products. Since january 2001 he is co-heading „Klangsoeldner Audio Productions“, a recording-studio in Essen. 2003, a couple of recordings and festivals are planned, e.g. with the british metal band “Power Quest”. Their debut-album “Wings of forever” reaches #2 in the jap. import-charts.

At the Rock Hard 20th anniversary Festival (June, 7th/Amphitheater Gelsenkirchen), Andre hits the skins at Doro Pesch’s very-special-guest appearance right before Saxon. This event is published on rock hard magazine festival DVD.

Also in June: recordings for the new Power Quest album “Never World”, at the ThinIce Studios / London. Producer are Richard West and Karl Groom, the masterminds of Threshold. This album is released in Japan october, 22nd and reaches # 5 in the official HMV metal charts.

The european release is 03/15/04.

Meanwhile, the new demo of Bombay Black is produced – free mp3 downloads on the bands’ website!

2004 is filled with a lot of touring, a.o. with one of germany's most successfull bands BAP (Tour: SONX) and the complete world tour of Ronnie James DIO, incl. USA and Southamerica.

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