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* April 7, 1989
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biography Name : Sufiyan B K

D.O.B : 07 April 1989

Major : Professional Drummer Grade 6+


Yakuzi a.k.a http://www.drummerworld.com" target=_blank>Yakuzi The Reverend, is known as one of the youngest yet best metal drummer at his country, Singapore. At the age of 12, he was geared by Kurt Tangler, one of Australia's professional legend drummer. Since then, he took 3 years of drumming lessons from the master.That alone persues him furthermore, going solo & having the opportunity playing for various bands. Being a sessionist to becoming a member of two famous underground and mainstream bands, named "Silence Cursed" and "A Second Thought". He was hailed by most drummers in Sydney for playing the fastest combined rudiments at a short period of time. In the early year of 2004, he was awarded the advanced Tama Drummer from the Tama Music School. Since then, he has been conducting basic drumming lessons for the tama drum productions located at St Kilda Rd in Melbourne,AU. Locally, in Singapore, allocated at Orchard Towers.

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