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* September 17, 1969
United States
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biography When Scott was 11 he was inspired by this new thing called MTV, so he quickly picked up the drumsticks and found his new obsession. He's been playing ever since.

Scotts played with bands such as Man Will Surrender, Human Waste Project, The Start, Motochrist, Campfire Girls, Mellowdrone, and She Wants Revenge. He's also done a small share of jingles in between when not touring.

Scot has toured with and met more bands than he can think of.

He grew up loving Punk Rock and the music of the 80's. In the 90's he was very involved in the heavy music scene. Since the year 2000 he's mellowed out some and played more alternative/artistic music. Scott is currently playing with a band called She Wants Revenge and having a great time and experience with them.

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