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* October 9, 1960
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My name is Jeroen "Frans" Vyncke. I live in Maldegem, East-Flanders (Belgium). I started to drum (active) four years ago. I also started this year at the conservatorium (music university) at Bruges. I started my drum-adventure about five years ago when i bought a couple of 5A Vic Firth's and started to hit my knees to practice while watching music videos. I did this cuz i did'nt had the money to buy me a drumkit. The first DVD/VCR i bought was one of Dave Weckl ("starting to drum") i think. Untill today i still get my influenses from his style and artistic drumming. After one year i saved enough money to buy my first drumkit. It's a gretsch black hawk. I'm still active with this drumkit, but i've upgraded it allot since i got it. I'm active in two bands as drummer. Also i organise every three months a festival at my hometown called fuckfest. Next gig--> 8 march '08. Also check the fests website-> www.myspace.com/grindcorefuckfest



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