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* May 27, 1977
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biography Tomas Erlandsson, born and raised in Southern Sweden, picked up the sticks at age seven. Prior to that I played the piano.

First source of inspiration, Animal, in the Muppet Show. Drove my parents to insanity with my banging on kettles and chairs and just about everything. Got my first kit at age 10 and never looked back since.

Went to a music gymnasium, took lessons for 3 years. Started the band A.C.T playing progressive rock. Stayed with them for 5 years. Played lots of jams and various oghet stuff, got a massive interest in jazz, joined the Jazz institute for a couple of years, took lessons.

Made my way into the Malmö Music Conservatory. Studied ther for 4 years for Lennart Gruvstedt, Peter Fältskog among others.

Studied to become a music producer. Passed the exams without any problems.

Played with the Moonbabies, both on record and on tour for a short while.

Started the band The Love, which I currently work with, trying to land a descent deal.

Still practising, still curious...

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