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* May 24, 1980
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biography I started drumming when I was at the age of thirteen. With fourteen I bought my first drumset. After playing in different bands with diverse styles as Black Metal, Progressive Metal, Heavy Metal, Funk and Crossover, I joined a Death Metal band called SYMBIONTIC. There I had to fill the job of a drumcomputer, for the band searched a drummer for one year without satisfying results. These guys were (and they still are) very tight and so my way of playing changed: I became more precise and my fill-ins were structured, though I love to ad-lib.

Besides Symbiontic I started helping out for other bands as DEVIATED PRESENCE a German Unstraight Melodic Deth Metal band and ABSENCE a German Melodic Death Metal band, whose guitarist Lars recommended me for DEADSOIL when they searched a help out for their tour with ILLDISPOSED in 2006.

In 2006 I also started helping out for ERODED, a German Oldschool Death Metal band, who played at Party San 2006 and two shows on Mallorca in 2007.

In May 2007 I joined a band called THE COMING MEN, some weird music with female vocals.

After 6 years of great experience within SYMBIONTIC, I decided to join DEADSOIL in August 2007, for SYMBIONTIC was not able to push itself up and I´d already missed my chance to audition at DEW SCENTED.

For I changed my priority, the last member of SYMBIONTIC decided to continue with other musicians, so our ways also parted.

Now, I´m just looking forward to upcoming great gigs and a great time within DEADSOIL!

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