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* February 15, 1967
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biography Born in Sao Paulo with a musical background, always admired and followed his father's career, Andre Busic, founder and member of bands like: Traditional Jazz Band, Brazilian Jazz Stompers, and Blue Gang. Always in the search of learning, he used to watch all his father's concerts, When he was 17 he recorded his first album with the band Platina, right after that many other bands and albuns came, like the band Cherokee, A chave do sol (the key), Taffo, Supla and finally his present band, the power trio Dr.Sin formed by Ivan and Andria Busic along with Eduardo Ardanuy.

He did a lot of other participations as a hired musician or as a special guest like, Golpe de Estado, Silvinha Araújo, Eduardo Araújo, Monica Araujo, Daniel Gonzaga, Andre Busic & Hot Line Jazz Band, Claudio Celso, Vera Negri, Wreckage, Pitbulls on Crack, Arthur Maia, Deborah Blando and others. He was the in the cover of the Cover Batera magazine, where he writes his own workshop page, and he is frequently in other specialized magazines.

Certainly he has acquired his own style for playing since the beginning of his career every night with his father. Ivan is a great soloist, but his biggest concern is to play thinking about the whole context and not only the drums.

He and his brother Andria are so perfectly tight playing together that for many times they have been awarded with the best bass and drums of the brazilian rock. Actually he plays a lot of different styles. He is also a drum teacher in one of the most famous music schools of Brazil called Souza Lima.

For those who already had the chance to hear one of his albums or Dr.Sin concerts, certainly felt the strong and precise way to play of this who is for sure one of the great brazilian drummers.

Dr.Sin is today synonymous of top quality Rock.

For many times awarded as best musicians and best band by renowned magazines like Rock Brigade, Cover Guitarra and Roadie Crew, it is almost impossible to read a music magazine without observing DR.SIN interviews or advertisings.

In 1992, they took their chances in the United States of America and after some concerts there, they were signed by Warner International and the album "DR.SIN" was released in 9 countries.

The first Brazilian appearance for the big media was in 1993, at the Hollywood Rock Festival, where they shared the stage with Nirvana and L7. That was all they needed to show everyone that they were ready to rock. DR SIN did an unbelievable concert on those nights.

In 1994 They played at the M2000 Summer Concerts for more than 100.000 people together with Mr.Big and Helmet at Santos São Paulo followed by the release of the album " Brutal" in 1995 which was released in Japan under the title of "Silent Scream". DR SIN achieves success and a great number of fans.

At The Brazilian version of Monsters of Rock They shared the stage with bands like Black Sabbath and KISS.

1997-The album "Insinity" produced by Mike Vescera with special guests such as Jonathan Mover(ex drummer of Joe Satriani, Alice Cooper, Saigon Kick, Einstein) on the song Insomnia and Silvio Luiz, Brazilian most famous sport's commentator, also contributed with his priceless speech on the song "Futebol, Mulher e Rock´nRoll", which became one of the hits of the band.

In 1999 they release they first live album "Alive" which was part of the Yngwie Malmsteen box set (Live in Brazil) in Japan.

In 2000 DR SIN innovates!!! They release "Dr Sin II" on newsstands all over Brazil. The power trio becomes now a quartet with Michael Vescera (ex- Obsession, MVP, Loudness and Yngwie Malmsteen) on the lead vocals. Other guests were Sergio Buss (Steve Vai, Tritone) and Roland Grapow (Masterplan, former Helloween).

2003- DR SIN released a double live cd and DVD recorded in Sao Paulo, Brazil, entitled "10 years Live". The DVD shows one of the best concerts of their career. You can finally watch and hear the power of this amazing rock band.

Andre Matos (Shaman) is a very special guest on the concert singing one of DR SIN's biggest hits: "Fire".

The creativity, technique and charisma have been the formula of the band along the way.

They were invited to play big Festivals like Skol Rock with Scorpions and Dio and The Live and Louder Fest with Rage, Scorpions, Nightwish and more.

2006-"Listen to the DR´s"

That is the title of the last DR.SIN album where they play classic Hits from legends like Kiss, Black Sabbath, The Beatles, UFO, Motley Crue, Van Halen, etc...

The cool thing is not only the amazing inspiration and interpretation, but the fact that all of the songs have the word "DR" on their titles.

Get ready for a strong dose of Rock!!!

DR SIN is for sure a remarkable pride for the Brazilian people and is ready to conquer the world.

New album "BRAVO"Coming soon…

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