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* March 17, 1975
United Kingdom
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It was simply a passion for metal music that got me started playing drums. I loved rock and metal, the next thing for me was to play it. (Same as everyone really!) I chose drums because my mate was learning guitar. I had some lessons at the start - which were an extra to my college curriculum, and a great Idea I think by someone in authority! - which really helped me, and I still apply the things I learned in my playing today. I've just built on these styles over the years with my own style, trying to be open minded and listed to a lot of different styles of drumming.

For most of my drumming life I've been with Narcosis, I've done (and do) other projects at the same time. Narcosis started off as a mix of a lot of things, but through the course of three demos we found a grindcore sound eventually, which we built on to become a technical fast intense grind band.

The rewards for me are just the joy of playing Live and recording, and people getting it, and being enthusiastic about it. It’s great to get people wanting to put stuff out, or just comment – makes it all worth while!I suppose I’d better keep it to drumming, as that’s what this site is all about!

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