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DrumCore provides a complete set of tools for creating great drum tracks. It is the only product that combines name-brand drummer content (in both audio and MIDI formats), with a unified search engine, letting you search, select and export files into your audio workstation in nothing flat. DrumCore even helps you manage your own loop libraries. It's perfect for producers and composers who need to find great drum parts quickly in a multitude of styles.

Search Engine/Databasefind content fast, using musical and stylistic criteria
Signature Beatshits, loops, and fills, (MIDI and audio) by well-known drummers
Integrated MIDI Drum Modulefor playing MIDI drum parts and layering
The "Gabrielizer"automatically generates variations on a selected groove
Project and File Exportmoves content quickly to ProTools, Logic, Digital Performer and other applications
Stop wasting your time searching through endless loop folders with confusing names.
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