Saluda Cymbals
United States
Saluda, pronounced, Suh-Loo-Da, formed in May of 1999. Located in the midlands of South Carolina, we began our cymbal venture with an idea to create new and unique looking and sounding cymbals.

Our idea for our cymbals was to deliver a full range of sounds - blending bright and brilliant tones with mellower and lush ones. This would enable us to release new varieties of cymbals into the drumming community. We also use a wide variety of alloys, hammering techniques, lathing designs and various hand-made and machine-made processes to accomplish this task. We wanted our cymbals to look unique as well. To do this, we use oddly shaped hammering tools that are normally not used.

We designed our first cymbals in October of 1999 and released these cymbals in December of the same year. We are still working to build a full cymbal facility, in which all cymbal workings are done in one location. We are still constantly experimenting and designing cymbals with various alloys, hammering patterns and lathing designs. From the alloy composition, musical characteristics, durability, logos, and structural design, we are striving to improve our cymbals on a daily basis. We have already gone through a few different alloys, such as the G, XG, GH, SH and SS alloys, to show such improvements.

All of our experimentations and metal working with those alloys allowed us to release more durable, more musical and better looking cymbals with our SSX, Glory, Voodoo, Voodoo EX, and Mist (brilliant and traditional) cymbal lines. We try to offer all drummers various types of cymbals to suit any of their needs. We have cymbals ranging from darker, jazzier cymbals to heavier and brighter rock and power cymbals.