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Chris Widmann
* January 01, 1981
Chris Widmann played drums in German power metallers Stormhammer until he left the band in August 2006 due to "personal reasons." He was temporary followe dup by Johannes Lang of Stygian Shore.

Widmann started playing drums when he was ten years old. His father is a drummer too. He showed lttle Chris the way to play the drum kit. Next he practiced the drum everyday. Recalls Chris Widmann: "As I was eleven, I visited a music school for three years. Then the first bands came, and from this time, I played and played. The only music I've ever played and heard is metal since I'm ten years old. Metal gives me the power and the relaxation after the work."Chris Widmann names Alex Holzwarth and Mike Portnoy among his favorite drummers.
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