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Caitlin Love
United States
Caitlin Love grew up in Santa Rosa, California, but left to Portland in 2001 and lived with her brother there. She started playing drums at age fourteen. Caitlin names Dave Grohl as her main inspiration:
"Have you seen the Live! Tonight! Sold Out!! Nirvana video? I pretty much learned how to play drums from watching that. My first instrument was guitar, but it sucked, and I hated it, and I didn't have any patience for it whatsoever. I had a drum pad and I would play along with Metallica videos, and then one day, my dad asked me if I wanted a drum set. I can just sit and play with one thing for hours and hours, but I mean, drums are hard. I'm still always frustrated by 'em, but I love 'em. "
Caitlin Love, formerly of The Wunder Years, The Lead Veins, Davies Vs. Dresch, Desert City Soundtrack, Euromotion and many other local bands, joined The Thermals in 2006 after initial sticksman Jordan Hudson had departed in late 2005.

Caitlin Love toured across Europe with The Thermals, but left again in July 2006 due to problems with her back.

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