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Andi Pupato
* November 11, 1971
Andi Pupato (Zurich, 1971) began his musical education as a child, first at the Zurich Music School, then by various teachers around Zurich.

Soon Andi Pupato started to play drumset in local music groups. Around 1989 he began to take percussion-lessons in Zurich.

In 1991 Andi Pupato went to Cuba and studied at the "Escuela de superacin profesional de musica Ignacio Cervantes" in Havana.

With the Band Jick the Rapper Andi Pupato won the first prize at the "Zri-Band 91" contest in Zurich.

In 1993 Andi Pupato studied with the famous cuban timbales and conga player Jos Luis "Changuito" Quintana.

1994 saw Andi Pupato visiting Senegal where he played and studied traditional african percussion in the band Dougou-Fana of Senegalese masterdrummer Kounta.

From there on Andi Pupato started to play in various Swiss and international groups and on movie-soundtracks, live and studio-projects, tours and recording-sessions as percussionist, drummer, producer and sound-engineer.
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