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Peter Doppen
The Netherlands
Dutch drummer Peter Doppen is a "jobbing drummer", drumteacher and coach. Doppen started playing the drums when he was 14 years old. Doppen: "When I was 16 I had my first band. From that point on I started playing in clubs and on festivals. Very soon I started joining different bands and I got interested in different styles of music. It turned out I could make a living out of music. So after a while I started to teach drums (right now I have my own studio where I give private lessons), do clinics and play with different bands/artists and in different musical settings."

Peter Doppen has worked with Christon, Big John Russel, Shane Alexander, Smoking Beaver, Sunset Travellers, among others. He is currently playing with Wies Peeters, Dennis Kolen and Radio Rental.

Doppen's influences include Steve Gadd, Jeffrey Porcaro, Steve Jordan, John Bonham, Keith Moon, Tony Williams, Elvin Jones, and Jack deJohnnette.
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