5 Drummerszone artists - Koos van der Velde

Koos van der Velde
The Netherlands
Koos van der Velde began playing the snare drum at the age of six. Three years later he was finally old enough to join the local drum band, and at age ten, Koos got his first drum kit and joined the youth division of his hometown brass band.

Throughout his youth Koos excelled in his music studies, and as a result his drum teacher, Arjen Oostehout, introduced him to members of the metal band Lunacy. Koos became Lunacys drummer in 1987 and was a member of the band for six years, during which time he gained much experience playing live shows.

At the age of 15 Koos participated in the Dutch contest De Grote Prijs van Nederland where he stood out as an exceptional artist and was awarded a drum kit for his performance. Koos skills, along with the publicity that resulted from this contest helped build his reputation as a talented drummer.

The year following this early success, Koos van der Velde was admitted to the Conservatoire, a music school for intending professional musicians. Although he was only able to attend the school for a short period of time, his instructors were impressed by his unique drum style.

Koos now has the pleasure of being associated with a number of bands whose music spans a wide range of genres. He toured extensively throughout Germany and Austria with Megakronkel, an experimental jazzcore trio which became very popular in both countries and who opened for bands such as Victims Family and No Means No. Koos has also played percussion and drums with Ernst Langhout & The Hones, a traditional Irish and folkrock band who shared the stage with well-known Folk bands including The Dubliners and Fairport Convention. Additionally, Koos has played in bands who opened for SymphonyX, Estrella Acosta, Nile, Megadeth, Rammstein, Death and Six Feet Under.

In 2005 Koos played drums for Florida-based Wykked Wytch with whom he took part in the No Mercy Fest 2005 Tour. Koos met George Kollias on that tour and a year later George and Koos did a drumclinic together in The Netherlands.

Koos van der Velde has recorded drums for various bands and artists of different genres. Although Koos roots are in metal hes an allround drummer and enjoys playing many musical styles. Some of the studios Koos recorded in are Redroom Recorders in Florida and the Basel City Studios in Switzerland.

Currently, Koos van der Velde works as a session drummer both on stage and in the studio. Besides playing shows and recording with bands, Koos teaches drums and gives workshops and clinics.