5 Drummerszone artists - Dexter Hercules

Dexter Hercules
United Kingdom
Dexter Hercules lives in South-East London. He first started playing the drums after he caught the attention of his teachers by constantly tapping on the tables in primary school.

He soon progressed on to the Lewisham gifted and talented programme where he went on to win some awards. Dexter Hercules has also played at various locations and events around London including the Royal Festival Hall.

Dexter Hercules likes to play RnB, Jazz, fusion and gospel and he is currently in a band called Barak, who perform at a number of gospel functions.

Dexter's favourite drummers are Tony Royster Jr, Aaron Spears, Gerald Heyward, Brian Frasier-Moore, Dennis Chambers and Steve Gadd.

In January 2006 Dexter Hercules was one of the finalists of the Young Drummer of the Year (YDOTY), organised by mikedolbear.com. He made it to the Young Drummer of the Year Finals again in 2007.