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Bill Ludwig III
United States
Bill Ludwig III is son of William F. Ludwig, II, and grandson of William F. Ludwig, Sr., co-founder of Ludwig drums.

Ludwig drums were founded by William F. Ludwig, Sr. and his brother, Theobald in 1909. The drum company is still going strong more then 100 years later, after three generations of the Ludwig family.

Many drummers who have helped shaped music throughout the 20th century have used Ludwig drums and still do. From famous drummers such as Ray Bauduc, Buddy Rich, and Joe Morello, to Hal Blaine, Mitch Mitchell, John Bonham, and Ringo Starr, Ludwig drums have been out front.

What William F. Ludwig, Sr., his son, William F. Ludwig, II, and Bill Ludwig, III, have done for the world of drums and drumming has certainly had a direct affect on a major part of the music in image and in sound.

In 1971 Bill Ludwig III took an active interest in the company and later becomes artist relations manager
for Ludwig Industries.

In January 2006 Bill Ludwig III became the new publisher and owner of Not So Modern Drummer magazine.