5 Drummerszone artists - Carmine Appice

Carmine Appice
* December 15, 1946
United States

Rock drummer Carmine Appice (Staten Island, 1946) has appeared in a variety of groups over the years, starting with Vanilla Fudge in 1966.

The arrival of the Vanilla Fudge, with their global hit, "You Keep Me Hanging On", completed a triumvirate of musician rock bands that included Cream and the Jimi Hendrix Experience. But the Fudge had Carmine Appice.

And Carmine really knew how to rock. With a 26" bass drum and oversized toms, his sound was huge. And when he added a second bass drum and kicked into high gear to deliver thunderous grooves and stunning solos with Cactus and Beck, Bogart & Appice, he invented hard rock and metal drumming as we know them today.

With Rod Stewart he co-composed and topped the charts with the hits "Do Ya Think Im Sexy" and "Young Turks". From there he powered Ozzy Osbourne, Blue Murder, and Guitar Zeus, among others.

Carmine Appice's books, including Realistic Rock, Realistic Hi-Hats, and Rudiments to Rock were the first dedicated to educating rock drummers, and his clinics paved the way for the events we see today.

With the bands Pearl; Char, Bogart & Appice; and Derringer, Bogart & Appice - and with occasional dates by the Fudge - Carmine continues to define hard rock drumming with a power all his own.