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George Parfitt
* April 28, 1983
United States
George Parfitt (Pittsburgh, PA, 1983) played drums in Threat Signal. He joined the band in January 2006, replacing Adam Matthews. George stayed until November 2007, when he left in order to focus on his family life. George was replaced by Norm Killeen.

George Parfitt started playing drums in 1991. Recalls the drummer: "My first set of drums was a crappy starter kit with the paper heads and I just wrecked it! The coolest thing about those drums was the animal bass drum head. I actually now have animal as part of the sleeve on my leg... Anyhow, after I busted through those drums my dad got me a real kit."

Around 1995 George Parfitt really started to get into fusion and industrial. Learning programmed parts and playing with a click track really started to shape who he is as a player today. Says George: "I started to think, wow, there is a whole other world out there other than grinding and blasting. So I started to learn different parts then most metal drummers were going for at the time."

George Parfitt names Gene Hoglan, Danny Cary, Richard Cristy, Virgil Donati, and JoJo Mayer as musical influences.
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