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Arno Guveau
The Netherlands
Multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter Arno Guveau is wowing live audiences across London and Europe with his unique blend of guitar blues/pop and irresistible drum rhythms played simultaniously. Multi-talented on guitar and piano, he is a virtuoso on the drums and percussion.

In Len David Arno found the perfect match to go on stage again. The combination of rhythm and solo guitars, lead and backing vocals, pop and blues make a show worth while to visit.

A prodigious songwriter, Arno Guveau is inspired by the works of Neil Young, JJ Cale, The Beatles, Nick Drake and Talk Talk.

Arno Guveau graduated from music school as a drum and percussion teacher in 1988. By age 21 he was touring with blues legends Little Tony and Greyhound Levi, and performing with the likes of Champion Jack Dupree, Luther Johnston, Louisiana Red and Arthur Conley (Sweet Soul Music).

Guveau's passion is to play live: to bypass the commercial restrictions imposed on music, and provide direct access for people to listen. His lyrics combine personal experiences, social and spiritual themes.

This is a performer in the true sense of the word, it is on stage that one can really appreciate his talents and share his passion and infectious enthusiasm for his craft. Don't miss out - catch him live soon!

At the moment Arno Guveau is recording his first solo album. Itll be a compilation of 12 songs Arno has written over the last three years. Friends like Lee Goodall join in on this musical journey. Lee played together with loads of great artists like Van Morrison, Marcus Miller, Steve Gadd and many others. Also Eric Coenen is represented on one of the tracks. Eric has played with Ilse de Lange and does a lot of session work in the Dutch music scene. At the moment he tours with folk singer Lenny Kuhr (winner European Songcontest of 1968). Also Len David plays some amazing guitar parts on some of the tracks.

The influences of all kinds of musical styles are audible, listening to Guveau's songs. The presence of rhythm, as well as the catchy melodies merged together in " A wildest sphere and Fortuned" bring the audience to the roots of popular music.

As a producer Arno Guveau works in London as well as in Holland. At the moment the young talented singer/songwriter Stevie Ann released her first album which Arno produced together with Tren van Enckevort (Rowwen Hze) Together they founded a music production/management company called Be to Be Music (www.betobemusic.com). Also the London based singer/songwriter Louise Latham has been produced by Arno and is gigging around the Capital to promote her first EP called Old Soul.

Arno Guveau is the inventor of 'The Buskin Kit', an innovative, portable percussion instrument, which enables performers to produce the full range of sounds normally associated with a much larger drum kit, yet is quick and easy to assemble and fits within a compact carry case.

'The Busikin Kit' opens up new and exciting opportunities for buskers and solo-performers, or anyone who has to carry their own kit! A natural master on this instrument, Guveau runs frequent teaching workshops where he can pass on his skills to others.

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