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Harry Groenewold
* August 18, 1970
The Netherlands
Harry Groenewold, also known as Dirty Harry, is drummer in Wang! Dang!. Previously he pleyd with The Experts (1991), The Heat (1992-1996) and Trouble Inc. (1997).

Harry Groenewold started his musical career in 1991. After a workshop with the in Groningen well known rock 'n rollsinger and former pubowner Eddy Koekoek he made his first steps in the world of rock 'n roll. The Experts was the name of the band that did a few succesfull gigs.

After doing his military duty The Heat asked Harry in their band. In this populair rockband Harry toured all of The Netherlands (Motto: "Beuken in A"). The Heat made two CD's and one single with their own songs in the Herman Brood/ New Adventures style.

Highlights where some gigs as support act (Normaal, Rowwen Heze) and the winning of the NCRV Popslag with soms performances on Radio 3, the number 1 radiostation at that time.

Through his drumming with The Heat Harry met a lot of people in the musical scene. He got to play in Trouble Inc., a band from the city of Enschede. It was a bluesband with very experienced musician. A tour in France was one of the highlights.

In that period Wang! Dang! was refounded and they where looking for somebody to fill the empty place at the drums. The rest is history! Later he also started to play with Werny in Papa Werny & the Gumbo Tigers.

Harry Groenewold is a busy man! He also playes in Moonshine, a souther-rockband with the caracteristic sound of bands like Lynyrd Skynyrd and The Allman Brothers. Sometimes he does sessions with people like Hans van Lier, most of the times in caf Boven Jan in Groningen.

With his brother Martin Groenewold he plays in a popband with covers and self written Dutch songs. Peter Groot Kormelink (Jazzpolitie en Wang! Dang! single 'We gaan hard') is responsible for the songwriting and a lot of recordcompanies are interested in this songs allready so maybe we will have a national hit coming soon!

With guitartalent Christof Bauwens he will play in the new rockband Rockaholic from the end of 2001. They will play hardrockcovers from bands like Mother's Fines, Van Halen and Aerosmith. The female singer is very special in their sound.

Harry Groenewold's tool is a Tama Starclassic Maple in the tequila sunrise colors. This drum kit was especially made in Japan (thank you Harm & Jack from 'Het Klankgat in Vries!). People like Simon Phillips (Toto), Mike Portnoy (Dream Theatre) and Lars Ulrich (Metallica) use the same kit!

The ultra-thin Canadian maple shells give the drums its tonal warmth, superb rigidity and exceptional clarity throughout its tonal range. The 24" kickdrum has a lot of low-end thanks to a closed resonant head in combination with an internal AKG D112 microphone.

The hardware is also by Tama and I'm particulary very happy with the Iron Cobra pedals. The cymbals are exclusively from Zildjian, mostly from the A-custom series and Harry uses Vic Firth drumsticks, type 5 B.

His favorite band is Mr. Big. When he heard their first song 'Addicted to that rush' at the MTV Headbangers Ball (the good old days!) he knew for sure he forever wanted to be a drummer. Their drummer Pat Torpey is Harrys big heroe!

Other favorites are Gregg Bissonette (Davis Lee Roth, Joe Satriani), Simon Philips (Toto), Ina Pace (Deep Purple), Vinni Colaiuta (Sting) and so he can go on and on and on...

Harry hates modern computermusic. When he hears the so called 'R'n'B' all his hairs will rise. Luckily good rockmusic will survive alle of the trend so Harry wants to say 'Keep yourself alive and kicking!'
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