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Bart "WHiZZi" van den Akker
* April 19, 1982
The Netherlands
Bart van den Akker was born at the 19th of April, 1982 in a small town called 's-Hertogenbosch (The Netherlands). Bart still lives in Rosmalen today. He went to school and everything went fine.

At the age of four he started to develop his interest in playing drums and working with music. Pretty soon after he decided to play the drums his uncle gave him an old drum set that was formally his cousins. After some lessons on the drums (by his cousin) he gave up on playing drums. He was starting to get interested in computers. At the age of seven he had programming skills on Basic and Pascal, so it was pretty sure he will be doing something with computer in the future!

At the age of twelve Bart joined a local drum school to pick up his old hobby. He got some lessons and even graduated in playing the drums. After two years he was able to join a band with the name The Young Stars. Obviously, he played the drums. One year later (at the age of fifteen) he joined a small carnaval band where he played the crashes. It was a great time. Unfortunatly, at the age of seventeen both bands decided that Bart had to leave. So, again it was quiet.

In 1998 Bart joined the carnival band Kaj La Resto because he couldn't resist to play music. Two years later the band collapsed and the remaining members joined De Pannelappen which plays the same kind of music. Bart is still playing with the band today.

In 2001 Bart started his first big website, World of Weird Al Yankovic which is the largest fan website about Weird Al Yankovic today.

In 2002 Barts girlfriend pushed him to do more with drumming. So he bought a drum set and started to refresh his knowledge of playing drums. After a few months he joined the rockband Bij Voorbaat Dank where he played for a couple of months. The band even got several small concerts.

Around this time Bart got the idea of creating another website: DrumForum.nl.

The band Bij voorbaat dank broke up one and a half year after Bart joined. After some tryouts he joined the band Strangled in 2003, which still exists today.

His band Strangled called it quits in 2005. At this moment Bart van den Akker still plays drums in De Pannelappen and Kofferband.
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