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Bram "Bram La Bam" Hakkens
* July 15, 1979
The Netherlands
Bram Hakkens was drummer in Utrecht based live hip hop / soul band Illicit and in rock band Moskowicz.

After the break-up of Illicit in 2008 he finds a new job in Kyteman's Hiphop Orchestra. A band with 22 musicians of which are eight MC's.
After the release of 'The Hermit Sessions' early in 2009, they tour every big venue in Holland and almost all the big festival, which include Pinkpop festival and Lowlands.

Besides the yearly numerous performances with ie Kyteman, Gem, Dazzled Kid, De Avonduren, Rob Klerkx, and even 'De Staat,' and many others, Bram is recording and performing with many other artists as well, and doing clinics on various (drum)festivals and events if his schedule allows it.

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