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Dan Lamagna
* February 24, 1979
United States
Danny Lamagna (Franklin Square, New York, 1979) started playing drums at age 8. He received drum lessons from Mike Osrowitz (Nassau Community College), Fred Klatz, and Kim Plainfield (Drummers Collective) Joe Morello, Jo Jo Mayer and Jack Ferrara. Says Lamagna:
"I got my first set in 3rd grade. I didnt play very much until 6th grade though. I took lessons at a local shop until my teacher quit when I was in my teens. Somewhere around 1990 I started playing in my first band, and I got really into music. In high School I learned some theory and how to read music. I enrolled in a music program at a local college and kept bouncing from band to band. At this time I had really gotten into practicing and was putting in 5-8 hours a day behind the kit on my own in addition to teaching and playing with other musicians."
In 2003 Dan Lamagna hooked up with Groovenics/Ghost Fight guitarist AJ Marchetta and Biohazard guitarist/vocalist Billy Graziadei, forming Suicide City (initially the band was known as Rodek). Kittie bassist Jennifer Arroyo joined up with the band shortly after, solidifying the Suicide City line-up. Jennifer left Kittie to give 100 percent of her time and effort to Suicide City. The band made their live debut on Saturday, April 23 at at The Saint in Asbury Park, New Jersey.

Previously Dan Lamagna had played with Suicide City, Ghost Fight, Shatterpoint, The Ready Henchmen, Ampt, Rodek, Rid of Me, A Self Burning Assembly, Sebastian Bach (ex-Skid Row), Mind Twist Denied, Rick Sales Management Agency, Sworn Enemy, Up, Rob Balducci, Simon Has No Pants, Fade Down, Danny Macintyre, Deprived of Talent, Broad Hollow Theater, Rattle the Kage, Abhorrent, Scarred, and Diabolous.

Comments Lamagna on his latest release, Suicide City's "Not My Year":
Not My Year was a great snap shot of us in our infancy. When we play those five songs live though, its very interesting to hear how those tunes have evolved as we have gotten more confident and comfortable playing together."

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