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Andreas Johansson
Andreas Johansson is known as drummer in Swedish hard rockers Narnia. Johansson was born in 1973 and started to play drums at the age of seven. His very first gig was in the local church with a child-choir. He started to take drumlessons at the age of nine. At the same time he joined his first band. Andreas Johansson:
"We started out as a trio playing "Top 10" songs, instrumental. Later we were joined by two female vocalists and we played all the local clubs. During that time, Kiss was my main musical inspiration. I listened to heavy stuff but couldnt find musicians who wanted to play that kind of music. I had a huge drumkit, which I always insisted to bring."
As he grew older Johansson started to play in a fusionband. They played pretty difficult stuff and Johansson learned much from that time.

At the age of 15 Andreas Johansson started to study with a great drumteacher named Mats Werner:
"He tought me a lot about drumming and also opened my ears to other styles of music like jazz & latin.In 1995 I moved to Stockholm and since then Ive been working as a session drummer."
Even though Johansson has been playing all kinds of music he has always kept listening to heavy metal. In 1997 Johansson met Christian Liljegren, lead vocalist of Narnia. He was looking for a new drummer and after auditioning Johansson joined the band.

If you want to know: Johansson's favourite metal drummers are Deen Castronovo, Cozy Powell, Vinnie Appice, Ian Paice and Ken Mary. Other drummers he enjoys listening to are Vinnie Colaiuta, Bill Stewart, Gary Husband, Gary Novak and Manu Katche.

In 2005 Andreas Johansson played drums in the touring line-up of singer Rob Rock (Ex-Impellitteri, Driver, Joshua) during the European Aces High Tour alongside Masterplan, Circle Ii Circle and Pure Inc.

Rock's album, "Holy Hell", released in april 2005, features drummer Bobby Jarzombek (Halford, Iced Earth, Riot).
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