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Dave Preissel
* November 07, 1983
Dave Preissel (Basel, Switzerland, 1983) plays drums in Pure Inc. Previously he had played in Dragon Lord, Leviathane, Pure Yeast, Mark Storace Project (Krokus) and C. Preissel x-mas Special.

Dave Preissel started playing drums at age five and took drum lessons for eight years, with Claudio Salsi, Pete Holmes and Uli Kusch as teachers. Recalls Dave:
"I took my first lessons when I turned 6 until the age of 13. Also I played my first concert when I was six it was a special part in the band of my father where I played a solo together with my drum teacher."
Dave played in the Franklin Valley School Band since he was 14 years old and formed his own band with a couple of his fellow students. They're still playing today. Continues Preissel:
"After some first band experiences I joined Pure Yeast at the age of 17. It was my first semi-professional band who played a lot of concerts. Things changed and weve started to build our own band out of Pure Yeast. The line-up and the musical tastes have changed and this is where we have found ourselves in Pure Inc. Besides playing in these bands Ive done various studio jobs for my father or his projects."
To date Dave Preissel has played over 400 gigs and he has toured three times through Europe at the age of 21! Says a grateful Dave:
"I really appreciate what Ive been able to experience so far. Besides Music I also came into photography. It allows me to forget things around me and to develop my emotions in many ways. I am curious what the future brings I am ready!"
Dave Preissel names his father Charles Preissel, Josh Freese and Abe Cunninghamas musical sources of inspiration. Asked for his learning experiences this year and his future plans, Preissel answers:
"Ive learned what really matters in a band and to play what a song requires. Ive worked a lot on my timing and tightness. The most important thing for me is to start writing my own music. Also I want to get more into rudiments and basics."

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