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Keith Baxter
† January 04, 2008
United Kingdom
Keith Baxter, who was born in 1971 in Lancaster. He was the initial drummer in Skyclad. Contrary to the boss of Noise Records, insisting that the band should use the drummer on their four track demo (this was in fact a drum machine), the band decided to recruit Keith Baxter. Work commenced in December 1990 on recording and mixing the songs for "The Wayward Sons of Mother Earth".

As fate would have it, while Skyclad were over in the States mixing "The Silent Whales of Lunar Sea" (1995) their recording studio was broken into and all their equipment was stolen.

As if this was not bad enough, a couple months later drummer Baxter announced his departure from the band, just before a major London show, to join British rock band 3 Colours Red. Baxter was replaced by Jed Dawkins.

Following the split of 3 Colours Red in 1999 Keith Baxter formed the band Elevation with former bandmate Pete Vuckovic. The pair signed with Sony but were dropped a year later.

Baxter played briefly with Therapy? In 2002. '3 Colours Red formed again soon after, with Keith bahind the drums again.

After 3 Colours Red disbanded (again) in September 2005, Keith Baxter played with the band Baby Judas. Unfortunately he died on 4 January 2008 at the age of 36 as a result of liver failure.
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