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Martijn Peters
* April 25, 1973
The Netherlands
Biography in his own words:

No, I'm not worlds fastest-, heaviest-, or most spectacular drummer, but when I'm behind the drumkit I can really express myself as an artist and I'm focussed on entertaining the listener.

It all started when my older brother bought the Deep Purple album '24 Carat Purple' with Ian Paice on drums. As a kid I kept on dreaming about it, but never really pursued a career as a professional drummer. Now I really cant think of anything else I would rather do with my life. Good for me that I just happen to be in the uprising band novAct (formerly known as Morgana-X).

In May 2004 Martijn teams up with Dennis Leeflang at his rehearsal room in Leiden. Both drummers exchange some musical ideas in order to create a nice little 'drum duet', hopefully interesting enough to perform live one day...

Nowadays I'm influenced by drumguru's like Mike Portnoy, Virgil Donati, Simon Phillips, Mike Mangini and Steve Smith - to name but a few - but it is the diversity of all kinds of artists that make my picture complete.

No matter if it's metal, rock, pop, funk, fusion, R&B or rap, I am always available for (serious) session-work and projects.

Best gigs:
Headwayfestival, Amstelveen (April 5th 2003)
Huntenpop - Varselder, The Netherlands (August 2002)
High security prison of Antwerp, Belgium (13th of February 2000)
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