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Bruno "Bru" Goedhuys
* January 22, 1975
Bruno Goedhuys plays drums in Belgian gothic rockers Sengir. In 2003 the band decided to stop working with their previous drummer Filip Vinck. After a long search for the right replacement, they finally found him: Bruno Goedhuys. He joined the band in March 2004. Previously 'Bru' played in Venae

Drummer Gert Verbeeck (Carlos) had filled the missing spot in between as a temporary replacement.

With 'Bru' on drums Sengir hit the roads for a tour in the UK together with Dutch genre collegues Epica in May 2004.

Bio: (in his own words)
At the age of 5 years I got my first little drumkit from the "good old man". Ever since I got stuck 2 the drums. At the age of 9 years I got my first private lessons and got a real kit. A Marine white 1971 Premier. Altough my father was not happy with all the loud noice I produced on my small drumset, my parents send me to a music academy at the age of 12 years.

Also at the age of 12, I got my first audition with a band called "Challenger". "Much to young to play with 30 year olds but a good drummer" was the comments I got so I started a band of my own with a Key-player and a guitarist. We were called 4Ever.

It didn't last 4Ever and never had the potential to be a band so I left and at the age of 13 years I got in a real band. Utopia was formed by a basplayer, two guitarists and me on the drums. One of the guitar players was also the singer.

At that time I had a new drumset. It was a Black yamaha with four TomToms mounted on a rack, incl. Paiste and Sabian cymbals and one FloorTom. We played cover songs every week in the basement of the singer/guitarplayer and after one year we did our first gig. Four bands performed that night and we were the opening act. The act was so good that we even got a few more gigs but at the age of 15 years I was asked to play in a band called "Pa'd Panic". Those guys were a litle older than me and they were good. So for me it was an honour that they asked me. We played all of our own written songs on a few big festivals but we never connected as a band because of the age difference.

So I went for a new audition at a band called Metal Molly. At that time we were all stil young and we started playing cover songs. After a few months we had written quite a lot off songs and the band got succesfull. However we were all around the same age we didn't connect and I left the band. (*A few years later the band played at Rock Werchter.) After I left the band I got a phonecall from Fa Vanham. A big producer at that time. He asked me to come and play with the Paranoiacs for a while because the regular drummer was sick. So I did...

At the age of 17 years I did an audition with a band called Conviction. Two guitar players a bassist a singer and me... Hard and heavy, Fast and Loud. Most of the time we played our own written songs and a few Sepultura songs. We played quite a big amount of gigs and it lasted for a few years. We even had fans! At that time I bought a new kit... A blue TAMA Rockstar Pro with double Basdrums, 2 TomToms and 2 FloorToms (12",13",16", 18"!) and a set of Sabian's AAX.

After a few years we broke up and I was asked to play in a band called Dawn. A band with already a few fans and a lot of songs. Also played a few gigs but it didn't last very long before the band broke up. The guitarist, another basplayer, the singer and me formed a new band called Black Valley. We recorded 3 demo CD's and did a lot off gigs. We had our own fans, a website and a lot of fun but after a while the singer left the band to start a new band. We promoted the basplayer to singer and went on. A year later the band split up.

I took a year off to work on my groove techniek. In that year I started to hang out with Ivan who is also a drummer and my best friend. We even started to wright songs and before you know it we formed a band Venae .

Ivan is known from his former bands "Uncle Meat" and "Toner" and owns his rec. Studio "The Grindhouse".

The music from Venae is very emotional and colored with influences of rock, new-wave, electro and gothic. After Ivan and I wrote about 15 songs, the band was completed with Karel Liesenborghs (guitar) and Steven Geerts (bass). The music is not aggressive but without compromises and armed with power. Venae combines power with honest and emotional lyrics berived from personal experience that many people will be able to relate to.

We already did a few very nice gigs... including a set with Keith Caputo of Live of Agony. On the left you see IVAN & Keith.

At the same time as we were forming Venae, Karel (an old friend from Ivan) was looking for a drummer. So I went to the auditions and got the job with the band "KHOLE". Since Karel also plays with our band "VENAE", we are all well connected and it's fun performing and hanging out. Karel is a well known and respected Guitarist and owns his own Rec. Studio "Alien-D".

The last years I have also been working with Top-Producer "Jan Servaes" who is very well known in the dance & pop scene. I work a lot as session drummer in his studio "DEFUSE" where I use the Roland V-drums and other electronics. In studio "Defuse" we came up with the starting ideas off the Venae-Hit "Promises". Together we also wrote a few songs and some of them will soon be performed by "Dynamite".
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