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Ben "BC The Mizak Diza" Vaught
* July 30, 0000
United States
Ben Vaught is better known as B.C. (Bitch Controlla) or BC The Mizak Diza, drummer in Californian nu metal band (hed) P.E.. Despite their succesful carreer including a lot of touring and time in the studio, he also has a side gig as a race car driver. On IGN.com Vaught explains:
"I've been around racing my whole life. My dad's raced just about everything there was to race and I've been driving since I was about 9-years old. My dad has been working at this racing school forever and I've had the skill, having done a lot of karting and stuff and I went out there and took a 3-day course and was one of the fastest students they'd ever had. I went back, took another course, and [was one of the fastest students again]. Then I talked to the lady who was running the school at the time and asked her if there was a chance if I could come out there and test to be an instructor. She said 'C'mon out for this one week class and we'll let the other instructors decide if you're worthy of being an instructor or not.' And I went out there, jumped right into it, did a great job, and they were like 'Sh@#, you're hired, man!"
B.C. still remembers vividly how he got gravitated toward the drums. In the same interview Ben reveils:
"My step mom took me to see some bands play when I was 11 years old and the drummer just caught my eye and I loved what he was doing with the drums and dad always had a pair of drumsticks sittin' around the house and, you know, I just wanted to beat the skins, man."
Once he started playing drums - mostly self-taught - he really got into Rush and Van Halen and Chad Smith and the Chili Peppers. Later he got into funk and expanded his horizons with funky playing. More than once Ben also named Brooke Wackerman as an influence.

When guitarists Wes Greer and Sonny Mayo decide to leave (hed) P.E. early January 2004, drummer Vaught follows a couple of days after, leaving singer Jahred, bassist Mark Young and DJ Product behind.
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