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Chuck Burgi
* August 15, 1952
United States
Chuck Burgi is a drummer who was born in Montclair, New Jersey on August 15, 1952. He is the brother of actor Richard Burgi. Chuck has played and toured with Al Di Meola, Hall and Oates, Brand X, Rainbow, Blue yster Cult, Meat Loaf, Fandango and Enrique Iglesias and has recorded with countless other artists such as Bon Jovi and Diana Ross.

New Jersey native Chuck Brgi has been a well known drummer for many years, with a list of credits that read like a lexicon of rock and roll. Chuck's musical talents were demonstrated quite early in his life when, to the delight of his parents he was able to duplicate the intricate and exotic rhythms from Gene Krupa's "Drum Boogie Woogie", a personal favorite of his fathers.
Chuck emulated Ringo Starr in his early years, and soon diversified his musical tastes in drummers to include Max Roach, Elvin Jones, Art Blakey and Mitch Mitchell.

Chuck Brgi recorded his first nationally released album with a young jazz-rock guitarist named Danny Toan. Chuck's first national tour soon followed with fusion guitarist Al DiMeola for his Elegant Gypsy album. A year stint and world tour soon followed in the English fusion group Brand X, taking the place of Phil Collins and recording the album Masques in 1978.

After leaving Brand X, Chuck Brgi met pop sensations Daryl Hall and John Oates and recorded two platinum albums, Private Eyes and Voices with the duo, and toured the world promoting Voices during 1980-81. Chuck left Hall and Oates to join a new group named Balance, taking the place of session drummer Andy Newmark, for more recording and touring with the New York based group.

Album sessions soon followed with Michael Bolton, Jon Bon Jovi, Aldo Nova, Arcangel and Diana Ross. Chuck left Balance to join Rainbow, a group led by guitarist Ritchie Blackmore, and did two albums and two world tours. When Ritchie ended Rainbow to reunite with Deep Purple, Chuck teamed up with Rainbow (and VCR) vocalist Joe Lynn Turner to record his solo album, Rescue You and a national tour supporting Pat Benatar followed. During this period more album projects occurred with Deep Purple bassist Roger Glover, Glenn Burtnick and Zeno.

A five year association with Meatloaf was to follow Joe Lynn Turner, and during this time Chuck Brgi recorded an album with his own group Skull, recorded the WWF Wrestling Album, did five world tours with Meatloaf and recorded the Meatloaf Live at Wembley album.

When Meatloaf officially stopped touring to begin the arduous task of recording his follow-up album to Bat Out of Hell, Chuck was immediately recruited by his old friends Blue Oyster Cult, and a four year stint of recording and performing with them began.

It was during this period that Chuck Brgi started playing drums on a few national television commercials, recorded the critically acclaimed Red Dawn album with Rainbow alumnus David Rosenthal, and completed the Cult Classics record.

In August of 1995, Chuck Brgi re-united with Rainbow guitar legend Ritchie Blackmore to do a world tour supporting the first Rainbow album in 12 years called Stranger In Us All.

Once the Rainbow tour ended, Chuck found himself back in the studio with Blue Oyster Cult in the fall of 1996, soon after Ron Riddle's departure. After Chuck left the band again John O'Reilly joined as his successor.

1997 began with Chuck Brgi changing musical directions once again, joining forces with the Grammy winning Latin pop sensation Enrique Iglesias. Chuck was touring the world with Enrique well into the spring of 1998.

Chuck was in the Twyla Tharp - Billy Joel hit Broadway musical, Movin' Out during the show's entire 3 1/2 year run. His latest recording is Billy Joel's Live CD "12 Gardens". Since November 2005, he has been Billy Joel's drummer, touring extensively throughout 2006.
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