5 Drummerszone artists - Jeroen Simons

Jeroen Simons
* February 25, 1978
The Netherlands
Jeroen Simons studied MBO Communication. He also studied drums at the conservatory in Tilburg and Rotterdam for 2.5 years but, in his own words: "I didnít feel comfortable with it so I switched to private lessons with Richard Heijerman." He also took private lessons from Chris Strik, Fred Krens, Hans van Oosterhout, Mark Eeftens and Juan van Emmerloot.

Jeroen Simons names Thomas Haake, Sean Reinert, Vinnie Colaiuta, Dennis Chambers, Hans van Oosterhout, Gary Novak, Tony Williams, Steve Gadd and Poogie Bell as his favorite drummers.

He has played in several bands as: Cassiopeia, Bruno and X-Proof. Jeroen Simons is also playing in Sonar, BBT Bigband and a bluesband who still has no name... Jeroen Simons joined Epica replacing former drummer Dennis Leeflang and initial skinsman Iwan Hendrikx.

Jeroen seems to get most attention from media so far beause of his drumming in Epica. Gothic Metal World writes about Epica's official debut "The Phantom Agony":
"I definitely have to mention the great drums on this album. Drummer Jeroen Simons deserves many compliments. A very versatile drummer, with great feel for music and a great touch."
However, studio and sessionwork include recording for VOF de Kunst, Bolland productions, Mark Nijssen, Paskal Jakobsen from BlÝf, Marco Hoogerheide - Graduation Brabants Conservatorium, and Surrender. In 2006 Jeroen departed from Epica. He joined the Jean Pierre Project in the same year.