5 Drummerszone artists - Maartje "Marzj" Simons

Maartje "Marzj" Simons
* August 21, 1977
The Netherlands
Maartje "Marzj" Simons has been dubbed 'the deepest grooving woman in The Netherlands' by Dutch drum magazine Slagwerkkrant.

Maartje Simons was the first student to gratuate from the Rock Academy in Tilburg, Holland.

Marzj's first band (in 1992) was grunge outfit Ursa Minor. Soon a second band was added: Subhead.

Other bands, including Eezee, Spats MaLone, Casino, and Belgian outfit K's Choice.

More recently Maartje "Marzj" Simons has played with The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (LXO), featuring fromer Urban Dance Squad frontman Rudeboy, E-Quad, and The May Bees.