5 Drummerszone artists - Miloš Meier

Miloš Meier
* June 17, 1984
Czech Republic
Czech drummer Milo Meier (Jihlava, 1984) is best known from playing with Drumming Syndrome, Dymytry, and Kraken Exist among others.

Milo Meier was born on the 17th of June, 1984. He grew up in a small town of Czech Republic called Hronov. His first music instruments were not drums: Milo Meier started to play the piano. As his father is a dirigent of a brass orchestra, Milo' drumming career started exactly there. When he was thirteen he recorded his first two albums with a local rock band called Invasion To Privacy. Later Milo Meier put together a technical metal band called Eclipse Of Shadows. During these years their main examples were bands like Death, Slayer and Megadeth.

When Milo Meier was fifteen he moved to Prague and started to study at the Pragues Music Academy. He studied jazz, fusion, pop, rock, metal, but also classical music. He played mainly the drums, but also lesarned to play the marimba, xylophone, vibraphone and timpani. He played in many bands during his studies. Milo Meier recorded a new cd called 'White' with a famous Czech death metal band called Tortharry. This time he started to have some medical issues in this time. He had a severe pain in his arms caused by extremely hard drumming rehearsals, so he had to stop drumming for eight months and take a serious healing.

After these months Milo Meier started to play with other bands again. Milo was eighteen. Besides playing in rock bands he played in fusion and pop bands, too. When he was nineteen Milo Meier was invited to play with the winners of the Czech version of American Idol. This time he became a player of Czech legendary band called BSP. That gave a great chance to play with the famous musicians there. Milo Meier ran several tours with them. A concert from Prague was recorded on dvd in 2006.

Next Milo Meier started to play with one of the best guitar player and composer of the Czech Republic, whose name is Michal Pavlicek. They recorded a triple cd together and a live dvd from a big concert played with a symphonic orchestra and many guests. They still play together. Currently he plays with czech singer Kamil Strihavka and his band called Leaders!. They recorded a cd together called '365'.

One of the greatest experiences was also playing with Reggie Worthy - ex bass guitarist of Ike & Tina Turner group or playing with a fenomenal Czech bass guitarist Marek Bero Harustiak in a project called Weird Experiment!?

Milo Meier is also a member of bands called Dymytry, Kraken Exist and Noid. He arranges playing his own drum workshops and shows under the moniker of Drumming Syndrome. He is also planning to publish a dvd of this project.