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Isaias Gil
Mexico, United States
Originally from Acapulco in Mexico, Isaias "Dr" Gil in Houston, Texas arrived at the age of two which is where he resides today. Isaias picked up the drums at nine years old and hasn't put them down since.

Anno 2011 Isaias Gil plays at the Second Baptists Church in Kingwood, a suburb of Houston. And he never turns down a chance to play a gig with anyone.

It's no surprise that Isaias Gil is a member of five other different groups, playing music ranging from punk to salsa and cover songs.

Isaias was finalist in Guitar Center's 2006 Drum-Off competition. In January 2011 Isaias Gil actually won the 22nd Annual Drum-Off and, 26-year old, was crowned Guitar Center's Drum-Off 2010 Champion.
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