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Pitti Hecht
* July 29, 1965
Pitti Hecht was born as Markus Hecht on July 29, 1965. Both a drum set player and percussionist, Pitti has studied with Freddy Santiago. He is known as the most versatile percussionist working in Germany, having recorded with German rock band The Scorpions and soul singer Randy Crawford. His biography also lists TM Stevens, The Look, and Los Tumpolos.

Pitti Hecht took up percussion in 1978, influenced by The Beatles, Santana, Nippy Noya, Paulinho DaCosta, Dr. Gibbs, and Earth, Wind and Fire. He has also approached players from Trinidad, Africa, Puerto Rico and India for lessons to experience many different styles.

Factoid: Pitti Hecht is the first percussionist to make the Guiness Book Of World Records by playing congas under water. This took place at Fuerte Ventura Islands, part of the Canary Islands.

Pitti Hecht has played with Alex Acua, Gregg Bissonette, Nicko McBrain, Louis Conte, Chick Corea, Sheila E., Danny Gottlieb, Peter Herbolzheimer, Blck Fss, Michael Holm, HR Big Band, Tris Imboden, Willy Ketzer, Jonathan Moffet, Deborah Sasson, Jocelyn Smith, Bernhard Purdie, Jungle Funk, and Richie Gajate Garcia among many others.

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