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Giann Rubio
* August 29, 1984
United States
Born August 29, 1984 in Homestead, FL, Giann Rubio started his musical quest by beating on pots and pans at the age of two. Giann started playing guitar at eleven. At thirteen he started a punk rock band, and they needed a drummer. When he realized he had more fun playing on the drums than his guitar, he switched instruments within the band. From there, drums have been his life.

Giann Rubio's first teacher was Tobin Wagstaff who played snare for Killian High School. He also had a few lessons with Kurt Mossberg. From middle school, Giann was in drum line where he learned the basics of fundamental rudiments. Once the basics were achieved, he advanced on his own with the help of books, drum magazines and videos.

When first starting to play drums, Giann Rubio developed a foundation for progressive and metal genres from listening to Death, Slayer, Dream Theater, Alice in Chains, and Pantera. But what gives Giann his flare in drums is his various influences from all types of music.

Giann Rubio has played reggae, death metal, prog rock, metal, punk, blues, jazz, and latin with many bands along his way. Some include Life Strung, Cyberdyne, Shattered Sunrise, Vampyrik, Sativa, Non-dairy Creamer, In theaters, Continuum, and Dimension. Some main influences have been Buddie Rich, Akira Jimbo, Marco Minneman, Virgil Donati, Jojo Mayer, Dennis Chambers, Mike Portnoy and Thomas Lang.

In 2006 Giann Rubio received a call from Santiago Dobles of Aghora. Learning they were in need of a drummer, Giann auditioned for Aghora. Soon after he started rehearsing for shows with Aghora beginning in March 2006.

However, for the recording of Aghora's second album "Formless", Sean Reinert returned behind the drum kit.

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