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The 200 covers of Drum Magazine Slagwerkkrant - 1983-2017
YouTube collection
Cory Henry & Yoran Vroom - Gotcha Now Doc (live @Bimhuis Amsterdam)
Cory Henry & Yoran Vroom
Cory Henry
Paul Simon - One-Trick Pony (Live)
YouTube collection
Paul Simon
LeslieNielsen - Nailticket RELEASE
YouTube collection
Leslie Nielsen
iET - Hold On Tight (Official Video)
YouTube collection
iET (Lisa Van Viegen)
drescHHeads - Storm / alias 5a Hitn
YouTube collection
Oz Noy/Dave Weckl/Will Lee - Steroids Promo
YouTube collection
Oz Noy
Some Skunk Funk -Dave Weckl (Drum) ,Mike Stern, Randy Brecker & Chris Minh Doky
YouTube collection
Randy Brecker
Daru Jones demos the Paiste PST X DJs 45 (feat. MonoNeon)
NAMM 2017 with Daru Jones
Heart - Beautiful Broken (Live)
YouTube collection
Drummerszone.com videos
Pete Lockett - The Pete Lockett Commentary and Live videos
Pete Lockett - Prism [ Commentary Version ]
Salle de Jonge - Playing 'In the pocket' with Salle de Jonge
Salle de Jonge Drum Grooves - Cali Haze
Giovanni Hidalgo - Giovanni Signature Products
Latin Percussion: Giovanni Hidalgo Stave Cajon
Fausto Cuevas III - Fausto Cuevas Signature Products
Fausto Cuevas LP Signature Congas, Bongos and Timbales
Chad Smith - Chad Smith Signature Products
Latin Percussion: Chad Smith Ridge Rider Cowbell
Sheila Escovedo - Sheila E. Signature Timbales
Sheila E. Signature Timbales from LP
Alex Acuña - NAMM Performances
Alex Acua & Weedie Braimah Percussion Jam - NAMM 2017
Will Kennedy - NAMM 2017 - Demo Pearl Mimic Pro
Will Kennedy plays Pearl Mimic Pro Module
Mark Guiliana - NAMM Show
Mark Guiliana demos Sabian Artisan Elite Live at NAMM 2017
Nicko McBrain - Nicko McBrain about his Paiste Treasures
Nicko McBrain's Treasures - NAMM Recap