Mike Dolbear and Al Murray play Cozy Powell - Remo Drummer Night 2017
video date: January 02, 2018
Mike Dolbear and Al Murray play Cozy Powell - Remo Drummer Night 2017
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- Mike Dolbear and Al Murray play Cozy Powell - Remo Drummer Night 2017 -

At the Remo Drummer Night 2017 Mike Dolbear and Al Murray teamed up to play Cozy Powell's Dance with the Devil. A track that reached #3 in the UK Singles Chart in January 1974.

A perfect closure before the intermission and the auction in support of the Teenage Cancer Trust.

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All artists performing at Remo Drummer Night 2017

- Ralph Salmins

- Jamie Morrison

- Matty Brown

- Jeremy Stacey

- Thomas Lang

- Steve White

- Gary Wallis

- Mike Dolbear

- Al Murray

- John Thomson

- Alexis Nunez

- Joe Donovan

- Tommy Aldridge

- Gerald Haywood

- Andy Gangadeen

- Simon Phillips

- John "JR" Robinson

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