Mark Colenburg & Casey Benjamin aka Stutzmcgee - Yamaha Live Session
video date: December 09, 2017
Mark Colenburg & Casey Benjamin aka Stutzmcgee - Yamaha Live Session
On the Spot: Yamaha Artists Mark Colenburg & Casey Benjamin best known from their work with Robert Glaspers band came together one afternoon in Berlin and created this music idea on the spot and had a lot of fun jamming out this track for us.

It?s an unprompted recording showing the spontaneous interaction between two Grammy Award winning musicians which have spent many hours creating music together. We recommend to sit back, put on your headphones for best sound & enjoy the music.

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Gear List of Mark Colenburg in this video:

Yamaha "Live Custom" in Matte Black finish

22" x 14" Bass Drum

10" x 7" Tom Tom

12" x 8" Tom Tom

16" x 15" Floor Tom

14" x 5.5" Live Custom Snare

14" x 6.5 Yamaha Aluminium Snare

Yamaha Hardware:

CS865 Boom Stands

SS950 Snare Stand

FP9500C Foot Pedal

HS1200 HiHat Stand

Zildjian Cymbals (from left to right)

Hi Hats

15" Prototype Kerope Top

15" Special Dry Bottom

19" K Dark Cluster Crash

22" Dark Complex Ride

20" Medium Thin Low K Constantinople

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Casey Benjamin aka "Stutzmcgee"

Instruments used:

Yamaha reface CS

Alto Saxophone- Unlaquered Yamaha "Custom Z" series

Soprano Saxophone- Yamaha Silver plated "Custom Z" series

DJ, Vocoder,


Mixed by: Blair Wells

Video was recorded September 7th 2015 in Berlin, Germany.

Production: Martin Kleinbreuer

Shot & cut by: Merlin Ettore

2nd unit camera by: Bastian Godoy
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