Jeremy Stacey Live at Remo Drummer Night 2017
video date: October 19, 2017
Jeremy Stacey Live at Remo Drummer Night 2017
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- Jeremy Stacey Live at Remo Drummer Night 2017 -

Our third article covering the Remo Drummer Night 2017 in Manchester features another drummer among England's best: Jeremy Stacey. His most recent activities include subbing for Bill Rieflin during the 2016 King Crimson European tour, and remaining in this super group as King Crimson's first-ever full-time keyboardist, that has just released their 'The Elements Tour Box 2017'. This unique album features Jeremy next to legends Bill Bruford, Michael Giles, Gavin Harrison, Pat Mastelotto and Jamie Muir. To top it all, Jeremy also plays on Steven Wilson's 2017 album 'To the Bone'.

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- Ralph Salmins Live at Remo Drummer Night 2017

- Matty Brown Live at Remo Drummer Night 2017

All artists performing at Remo Drummer Night 2017

- Ralph Salmins

- Jamie Morrison

- Matty Brown

- Jeremy Stacey

- Thomas Lang

- Steve White

- Gary Wallis

- Mike Dolbear

- Al Murray

- John Thomson

- Alexis Nunez

- Joe Donovan

- Tommy Aldridge

- Gerald Haywood

- Andy Gangadeen

- Simon Phillips

- John "JR" Robinson
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