Ralph Salmins Live at Remo Drummer Night 2017
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video date: October 09, 2017
Ralph Salmins Live at Remo Drummer Night 2017
Ralph Salmins kicked off the Remo Drummer Night 2017 on September 23 in Manchester. This second edition of the Remo evening in support of Teenage Cancer Trust featured 17 different drummers, including John "JR" Robinson, Simon Phillips, Tommy Aldridge, Jeremy Stacey and 11 others that we will all feature in different video articles. Ralph Salmins is one of Britain's greatest drummers; only his soundtrack movie credits are more than 150, let alone the top of the bill recordings and live shows he did during his career.

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All artists performing at Remo Drummer Night 2017
- Ralph Salmins
- Jamie Morrison
- Matty Brown
- Jeremy Stacey
- Thomas Lang
- Steve White
- Gary Wallis
- Mike Dolbear
- Al Murray
- John Thomson
- Alexis Nunez
- Joe Donovan
- Tommy Aldridge
- Gerald Haywood
- Andy Gangadeen
- Simon Phillips
- John "JR" Robinson

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