Roland SPD::ONE PERCUSSION Performance
video date: August 02, 2017
Roland SPD::ONE PERCUSSION Performance
The SPD-1P PERCUSSION is a new type of digital percussion pad, which allows any musician to add sounds to their performance; drummers, percussionist, guitarists, vocalists and producers have instant access to genuine percussion sounds with the SPD-1P.
The pad contains 22 percussion sounds, including snare drums, kicks drums, hi-hats, cymbals, shakers, tambourines and more. It also has the ability to import original audio data, such as one-shot samples into the internal memory and play them via the pad.
In this video, Roland artist Vikaash Sankadecha mounts the SPD-1P PERCUSSION pad within his set-up and plays it by hand, using it to add additional tones and textures to his percussion performance as he plays along with a backing track.
Visit the SPD-1P PERCUSSION product page to learn more:
Watch the trailer for the SPD-1P PERCUSSION:
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SPD::ONE WAV PAD trailer:
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Performance recorded live at Assault & Battery 2 studios, London, April 2017. Music by Kaz Rodriguez.
Copyright Control Kaz Rodriguez 2017.
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