Mark Guiliana, Nate Smith & Dave Weckl Session at North Sea Jazz
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video date: July 18, 2017
Mark Guiliana, Nate Smith & Dave Weckl Session at North Sea Jazz
The North Sea Jazz Beat Summit with Mark Guiliana, Nate Smith & Dave Weckl.

At the North Sea Jazz Cafe, the idea was to talk about deeper assumptions how drums have changed Jazz and other music styles through rhythm. Moderator Ashely Kahn was grasping a bit high with that theme, since the drummers on the couch are making music first, and consider their role humble, as part of a process with other musicians who are just as great.

The first ten minutes you see here focused mainly on the role of the drummer. And this is where you learn from three of the best in how to grasp their idea of making music and playing in a band.
- Nate Smith talks about the role of the drummer and how it relates to the public.
- Dave Weckl goes deeper into the role and the power that a drummer has.
- Mark Guiliana gives exactly the reasons that explain why the video of his Quartet below shows that he is there primarily for the music, and not for being there as a drummer.

The North Sea Jazz Festival is a three day cruise with the finest of the finest in artists. 2017 had Ari Hoenig, Vinnie Colaiuta, Dave Weckl, Mark Guiliana and many more of the best played the 43th edition of the annual Jazz coup that overtakes the city of Rotterdam.
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