Aaron Sterling- Sound Of Sterloid Vol. 1
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video date: April 22, 2017
Aaron Sterling- Sound Of Sterloid Vol. 1
Sound of Sterloid Vol. 1 is an informal, yet highly detailed insight into the style, sound and recording process of Aaron Sterling. In this video, Aaron shares his experience and thoughts on a wide range of topics from snare drum tones to layering parts on a song to alternative practice methods to underused rudiments to mic technique and plug-ins.

Each segment includes performances on the kit as well as in-depth explanations and ruminations on the topic at hand...

And for all the recording nerds out there, multiple segments feature Aaron at the computer as he goes through the different types of processing, plug-ins and mixing techniques he uses to maximize his sound.

Watch 2 1/2 hours of Aaron Sterling going on tangents and talking endlessly about his personal feelings on drums, music, and musical perspective...Intended for drummers, engineers, mixers, and musicians who love geeking out.

1. TONE: "The Classic Dead Snare"

-All about getting that gushy 70's sound out of any snare, including desperate measures way beyond gaff tape and wallets.

2. TONE: "Queen Of California"

-Aaron discusses the snare used on the Born & Raised/Paradise Valley albums and the drum machine that inspired it.

3. TONE: "Wide Open And Ring-y"

-The pros and cons of a ring-y snare and how to make the most of it and not let it ruin your day.

4. TONE: "The Worst Snare Of All Time"

-Literally a video where Aaron earnestly tries to take the worst snare drum he owns and make it sound awesome.

5. TECHNIQUE: "How I Fell In Love With The Inverted Paradiddle"

-A love letter to the rudiment that gives Aaron that head bobbing swing no other rudiment can.

6. TECHNIQUE: "Stop Playing 16th?s On The Hat Like A Robot?

-Aaron discusses all the different ways he approaches 16th note grooves on the hat and how he lets his natural laziness make them feel better.

7. TECHNIQUE: "Another Way Of Playing Along To Records (Keith Jarrett)"

-Timing, feel and dynamics are all addressed in this exercise where Aaron shows the benefit of playing along to a fully improvised solo piano recording by jazz icon Keith Jarrett.

8. TRACKING: "Recording A Track With Gungor"

-An exclusive inside look into the recording of a drum track for the band Gungor...the entire process from beginning to end.
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