Aric Improta - 2016 Highlights
video date: April 11, 2017
Aric Improta - 2016 Highlights
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2016 Recap // Huge thank you to anyone who helped me in making these moments happen. Also thank you to those who showed support by sharing, commenting or liking any of my content this year. I tried to sum it all up in 3 1/2 minutes, hopefully this does it justice. Lastly, I'm currently nominated for Modern Drummer Magazine's "Prog Drummer of 2016" (there are only 2 days left to vote). If you have time and enjoyed my work this year, please click the link below and vote. (Must vote all categories to count). Thank you again! -Aric //

Aric Improta | 2016 Highlights
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Guitar Center Drum-Off 2012 Finalist - Aric Improta
Aric Improta - Attention Deficit Drumming 5
Aric Improta - Attention Deficit Drumming 4
Aric Improta - Metal Jam w/ Nick DePirro
Aric Improta - Kitflip (Backflip Between 2 Drum Kits)
Aric Improta - Drum Chain | 9 Drummers : 1 Song
Aric Improta - Seoul Drum Fest Highlights
Aric Improta - My Son, the Leopard
Aric Improta | Attention Deficit Drumming
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