Videos Adams Drummers festival 2009 Part I: Mel Gaynor and Will Calhoun In this first article in a series of three on the Adams Drummers festival in Belgium, we start off with Mel Gaynor and Will Calhoun. The 19th edition of the festival was hosted by Global Drum Ambassador Dom Famularo. You can consider Dom the 7th artist performing, due to his empowering and dedicated style of hosting an event. He kept the audience focused during the 10 hour lasting drum show. Below are short introductions on these major artists, and after that, 15 minutes of videos.

Mel Gaynor, opener of the festival, set the mood for the day with the first measure he played, kicking off with Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal, but playing the heavy version of Alien Ant Farm. The drummer of the Simple Minds clearly had energy and motivation enough to perform four times as long as he did. Amazing to see how this drummer’s exchanges vibes on all levels with the audience. A drummer who shows that the joy of playing songs live is still what it’s all about.

Dom Famularo announced Will Calhoun with the statement: "He's not only going to change the way you think. But probably going to change the way you feel." Undeniable true. Who might expect Calhoun plays solo just like he does with Living Colour is up for a big surprise. Straight from African traditions, Jazz, Bop and Soul, Calhoun gives an ongoing performance of over 40 minutes dynamic violence in which his thematic structures are almost visible. Notice the Wave Drum he uses in the videos to program his rhythmical and musical structures - and uses it to Roll on to a surprising climax of the clinic.

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