Videos Van Merwijks Music Machine 2009 Latin Soul & Boogaloo with Roberto Vizcaino and Gianna Tam February is traditionally the month Dutch drummer Lucas van Merwijk tours with his Music Machine. This year the concerts were an ode to Latin Soul and Boogaloo. Music that started in de mid-sixties in Spanish Harlem in New York as a blend of Latin Cuban music with North American Blues, Soul and Rhythm and Blues into a new music stream named Boogaloo, which later turned into Latin Soul. For this edition of the Music Machine, Lucas had invited master percussionist Roberto Vizcaino for the yearly tour.

Every year the band changes musicians that fit the style their playing. The other musicians were Marc Bischoff, a superb piano player and Latin/salsa arranger and composer, bass player Jeroen Vierdag, super talent Rik Mol on trumpet and Lucas' daughter Gianna Tam on vocals and percussion.

Earlier we announced a full video report of the tour on Here it is, with six videos containing solos of Lucas and Roberto; some masterpieces on drums and percussion. Also, you find solo's from all the band members and even a special on Gianna Tam, who is graduating from the Amsterdam conservatory in 2009. A graduation, celebrated with her first solo album, to be released this year.

Besides the band concert, Lucas and Roberto opened the show together with some heavy duets and solo's. The first three videos contain this part of the show. The other streams show the virtuosity of the band with individual solo's and introductions.
Check out the videos below, you can find photo's of the show under the IMG-tab above this article.

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Recently Van Merwijk released two new dvd's from past editions of his Music Machine. You can buy them directly here on

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