Watch Steve Gadd's drum solo with brushes - and singing! An Icon Video from the Drummerszone Vault Watch Steve Gadd\'s drum solo with brushes - and singing! Watch Steve Gadd unleashed from the Drummerszone Vault: recorded in 2007 and re-rendered in 2018, just because we couldn't lose these great recordings of this Legend among all drumming legends.

In November 2007, Steve Gadd was in the Netherlands to perform with Dutch artist Alain Clark. Steve recorded Clark's album 'Live it Out' and was flown in for the cd-release party. Yes, a CD, because streaming music didn't even exist in 2007.

The next day, after the show, Steve Gadd had a sold-out clinic evening in venue Patronaat in Haarlem. Below is the first video from his two hour session. It is his opening solo, with Dr. Gadd playing brushes only, and... singing! More videos from this clinic are coming soon.

What you find below is just about as beautiful, open - and even vulnerable as it can get. The audience was just flabbergasted by an opening like this. Of course, Steve took it a few notches up during the clinic, but when you want attention, this is the way to kick off an evening in front of a few hundred drummers and musicians.

Check Steve Gadd's artist page for all the 85(!) photos from this evening. We added all the photos from that moment.

Steve Gadd - Drum solo Brushes and Singing

Live it Out
Alain Clark's 'Live it Out' is one of the many, many albums Steve Gadd has recorded. He is known for his open approach and when possible, he records tracks for even the least known artist, as long as he digs the music, of course.

'Live it Out' on Spotify

The percussion parts on this album were played by: Roel Calister and Marnix Stassen.

Urban Sessions
One of those other beauties he recorded during the years, is an album of Claudio Passavanti also known as Sunlightsquare, an Italian producer, pianist and DJ living and working in London. Steve Gadd is playing on his first Sunlightsquare release 'Urban Sessions'. Besides Steve, it features bassist Will Lee and vocalists Sharlene Hector (Basement Jaxx), Joy Malcolm (Moby) and Z-Star.

'Urban Sessions' on Spotify

This is an album with Will Lee and Steve Gadd. Listen to it!

Steve Gadd plays
  • Remo drumheads
  • Zildjian cymbals
  • Vic Firth drumsticks
  • Yamaha drums
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