First videos of Ash Soan's European Zildjian Experience Tour Watch the Sound Lab Prototypes and Ash's setup Videos Ash Soan European Zildjian Experience Tour - with Sound Lab Prototypes Already three days in, UK based and Multi-Everything-Winning-drummer Ash Soan is on a Zildjian Experience tour through Europe. This tour also features limited edition prototype cymbals - that you can buy! - and Zildjian's Paul Francis: one the baddest cymbal guys at the company who has been working with Zildjian for nearly 30 years. He knows literally everything about the Zildjian cymbal history and production, and you can ask him everything you want to know. A chance of a lifetime to meet these two Zildjian legends. Today, September 6, the tour set up stage in Vezin-le-Coquet in France. More dates of this Zildjian Experience are below.

Video 1: Paul Francis shows the Zildjian Sound Lab Prototypes
The coolest thing with cymbals is owning and playing them, but there is one thing just that little cooler: owning a Prototype. And during this Zildjian Experience Tour, the ancient cymbal makers from Norwell in the state of Massachusetts, brought a whole line of new prototypes - and all are for sale. Consider you actually buying or bought one during this tour, and it will not make it to production because of any reason possible; then you have something special in your collection. Or, when the cymbal will make it to production, you have one of the first ever made. Either way, your cymbal tells a great story.

Paul Francis, Director of Research & Development tells you all about the special features of these prototypes that only a few have heard of, or have in their collection.
For drummers, Paul's info in this video is candy, candy and even more candy. He talks about learning curves through the years developing cymbals for Peter Erskine, the details in how the sound of the cymbals are made with lathings - or without lathings even, styles of hammering and much more.

In this video are the following Zildjian Prototypes
  • 16" K X-thin Crash
  • 17" K X-thin Crash
  • 18" K X-thin Crash
  • 19" K X-thin Crash
  • 20" K X-thin Crash

  • 15" K Sweet Hi Hat
  • 16" K Sweet Hi Hat

  • 16" K Cluster Crash
  • 18" K Cluster Crash
  • 19" K Cluster Crash

  • 21" K Constantinople Renaissance Ride
  • 21" K Sweet Ride
  • 23" K Sweet Ride
Video 2: Ash Soan's setup
Below you find a quick view of the setup Ash Soan is playing during this tour. Later, in our interview article, we'll feature Ash talking about his preferred taste in cymbals, and why the value of the Zildjian brand transcends the sounds and products the company has been making for almost 400 years.

And, the tour has just started, so no more videos yet! But prepare to be dazzled by Ash Soan's playing soon! Or just head over to one of the places below and experience an evening with Zildjian's Ash Soan and Paul Francis yourself.

Win a Zildjian Cymbal
Tag your Instagram or Twitter pictures of your day at the 2017 Zildjian Experience Tour with @zildjiancompany and #zilday17 and be entered for a chance to win a Zildjian Cymbal signed by Ash Soan.
Ash Soan in a nutshell
Ash Soan was voted No. 1 session player in Modern Drummer magazine and has worked artists like Adele, Cher, Seal, Robbie Williams, Billy Idol, Enrique Iglesias, Dionne Warwick and Rumer, James Morrison, Cee Lo, Ronan Keating and Celine Dion. His discography includes 11 No. 1 singles, 21 Top 10 singles and 18 No. 1 albums on various Pop and Rock charts around the world.

Upcoming Dates & Locations

7th September - France
La Baguetterie
36/38 rue Victor Massé 75009 Paris
Venue: FGO Barbara - 1 Rue De Fleury - 75018 Paris

9th September - Spain
Via Sergia 86 , 08302 Mataro

12th September - Germany
Musikhaus Thomann
Treppendorf 30
96138 Burgebrach -Treppendorf

13th September - Germany
Schorndorfer Strasse 25

14th September - Germany
Hieber Lindberg
Sonnenstr 15
80331 Munchen

15th September - Germany
Musik Produktiv
Fuggerstrasse 6
49479 Ibbenburen

16th September - Germany
Drums Only
D-56070 Koblenz-Lutzel
Andernacher Strasse 90

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